Central Christian School

Kindergarten Praying

Matthew 18 Principle for Handling Conflict

We ask each member of the school community to promote positive communication by
following biblical principles and by speaking the truth in love when expressing a
disagreement or resolving a problem (resolving person-to-person conflict using the
principles found in Matthew 18).

If a student has a concern or complaint about a specific teacher, coach, and/or
administrator, it is essential that the initial communication be with the specific individual.
The student should speak with the person first. If the concern continues or is not resolved,
then the parent should speak with the individual. The next step would be to speak with the
appropriate administrator. If the student needs help in determining how to speak with the
individual, he/she should seek adult counsel.

Parents should advise a student on the approach to begin resolution of a conflict. Parental
counsel in this area will teach skills much needed as the student continues his/her education
and moves into the work force. Allowing students to experience this process will give them
confidence to be responsible Christian problem solvers in our world.

This procedure follows Jesus' instructions in Matthew 18:15-17. Let’s work together to keep a positive atmosphere at CCS

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