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High School BB Results

High School Basketball Results 2018-2019

Boys and Girls

November 30th, 2018---CCS vs. Wichita Classical 

Varsity Girls: 41-36 CCS (OT)                                  Varsity Boys: 66-32 CCS
JV Girls: 14-6 CCS                                                     JV Boys:        38-32 CCS

December 3rd, 2018---CCS vs. Elyria Christian (Goessel Tournament)

Varsity Girls: 47-16 CCS                                           Varsity Boys: 59-45 CCS

JV Girls:          17-14 CCS                                           JV Boys:         49-40 CCS

December 7th, 2018---CCS vs. Goessel (Goessel Tournament)

Varsity Girls: 55-26 CCS                                            Varsity Boys: 59-53 CCS

JV Girls:        25-9 CCS                                              JV Boys:       59-53 CCS

December 8th, 2018---CCS vs. Little River (Goessel Tournament Championship)

Varsity Girls: 43-35 CCS                                              Varisty Boys: 65-61 CCS

December 11th, 2018---CCS vs. Macksville

Varsity Girls: 42-38 CCS                                             Varsity Boys: 61-45 Macksville

JV Girls: 22-6 CCS                                                       JV Boys:         42-41 CCS

December 14th. 2018---CCS vs. Caldwell 

Varsity Girls: 39-32 CCS                                               Varsity Boys: 52-44 Caldwell

JV Girls:         19-9 CCS                                                 JV Boys:        55-43 Caldwell 

December 18th, 2018---CCS vs. Chase

Varsity Girls: 52-27 CCS                                                  Varsity Boys: 70-22 CCS

                                                                                          JV Boys:        66-34 CCS

January 5th, 2019---CCS vs. Elyria 

Varsity Girls: 47-15 CCS                                                    Varsity Boys: 49-39 Elyria 

JV Girls:        21-9 CCS                                                      JV Boys:        33-31 Elyria 

January 8th, 2019---CCS vs. Burrton 

Varsity Girls: 55-21 CCS                                                     Varsity Boys: 64-57 CCS

JV Girls:        34-16 CCS                                                     JV Boys:       31-28 Burrton 


January 11th, 2019---CCS vs. Norwich 

Varsity Girls: 46-39 CCS                                                      Varsity Boys: 50-39 CCS

JV Girls:        14-7 Norwich                                                  JV Boys

January 14th, 2019---CCS vs. Burrton (Boys Tournament @ Burrton)

Varsity Boys: 62-53 CCS

January 17th, 2019---CCS vs. Inman (Boys Tournament @ Burrton)

Varsity Boys: 53-33 Inman

January 18th, 2019---CCS vs. Little River (Boys Tournament @ Burrton-3rd place game)

Varsity Boys: 52-42 Little River

January 18th, 2019---CCS vs. Faifield (Girls)

Varsity Girls: 39-38 CCS

JV Girls

January 23rd, 2019---CCS vs. Burrton (Girls Tournament @ Berean)

Varsity Girls: 46-18

January 24th, 2019---CCS vs. Wichita Trinity (Girls Tourament @ Berean)

Varsity Girls: 56-39 Wichita Trinity 

January 25th. 2019---CCS vs. Fairfield (Boys)

Varsity Boys: 68-33 CCS

January 26th, 2019---CCS vs Berean Academy (3rd Place, Berean Tournament)

Varsity Girls: 37-31 CCS

January 29th, 2019---CCS vs. Skyline 

Varsity Girls: 50-23 CCS                                                                        Varsity Boys: 59-52 Skyline 

JV Girls: 18-7 CCS                                                                                 JV Boys: 

February 1st, 2019--- CCS vs. South Barber

Varsity Girls: 42-33 CCS                                                                   Varsity Boys: 67-49 CCS

JV Girls: 27-15 CCS

February 5th, 2019---CCS vs. Stafford 

Varsity Girls: 41-23                                                                           Varsity Boys: 57-49 Stafford 

JV Girls: 21-1 CCS

February 8th, 2019---CCS vs. Cunningham 

Varsity Girls: 49-41 Cunningham                                                       Varsity Boys: 63-20 CCS

JV Girls: 17-11 CCS

February 12th, 2019---CCS vs. Pretty Prairie 

Varsity Girls: 48-29 CCS                                                                     Varsity Boys: 55-36 CCS

JV Girls: 22-12 CCS

February 15th, 2019---CCS vs. Attica 

Varsity Girls: 39-36 CCS                                                                     Varsity Boys: 70-56 CCS

JV Girls: 23-10 CCS

February 20th, 2019---CCS vs. Pretty Prairie (Boys Regional Game)

Varsity Boys: 63-42 CCS

February 21st, 2019---CCS vs. St. John (Girls Regional Game)

Varsity Girls: 41-32 CCS

February 22nd, 2019---CCS vs. St. John (Boys Regional Semi-Final)

Varsity Boys: 58-25 St. John

February 24th, 2019---CCS vs. Pretty Prairie (Girls Regional Championship)

Varsity Girls: 35-28 CCS

February 28th, 2019---CCS vs. Spearville (Girls Sub-State)

Varsity Girls: 48-38 Spearville

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