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  Name Title Group
Bonnie Bailey Bailey, Bonnie Preschool Teacher Preschool & Child Care
April Basgall Basgall, April Library Attendant K-12 Faculty
Paige Carrillo Carrillo, Paige PE Instructor K-12 Faculty
Crystal Clobes Clobes, Crystal Band Instructor K-12 Faculty
Suzanne Davis Davis, Suzanne After-School Care Staff
Jim Doerksen Doerksen, Jim Director of Alumni Relations Staff
Sherry Earle Earle, Sherry Office Manager/School Receptionist Administration
Chad Eigsti Eigsti, Chad Bible Instructor/Campus Pastor/MS PE Instructor K-12 Faculty
Ann Franz Franz, Ann Front Desk Receptionist Preschool & Child Care
Trisha Graham Graham, Trisha Preschool Teacher Preschool & Child Care
Alexis Hartley Hartley, Alexis Afternoon Teacher/ Front Desk Receptionist Preschool & Child Care
Erica Hayden Hayden, Erica Art Instructor and Preschool Office Support K-12 Faculty, Preschool & Child Care
Sara Hodgkins Hodgkins, Sara Physics Instructor K-12 Faculty
Angela Huck Huck, Angela Vocal Music Instructor K-12 Faculty
Roberto Ibarra Ibarra, Roberto Secondary Principal/ Head HS Football Coach Administration
Sharon Kauffman Kauffman, Sharon Director of Preschool Operations Preschool & Child Care
Kimberly Lambert Lambert, Kimberly Literacy Services Specialist K-12 Faculty
Kaitlin Lay Lay, Kaitlin Kindergarten Teacher K-12 Faculty
Theresa Lehman Lehman, Theresa Pre-K Teacher Preschool & Child Care
Ethan Mandeville Mandeville, Ethan Middle School Boys Bible Instructor K-12 Faculty
Jarrott Millermon Millermon, Jarrott Food Service Assistant Staff
Brenda Moore Moore, Brenda Math Instructor K-12 Faculty
Kara Moore Moore, Kara History, Math, and MS Girls Bible Instructor K-12 Faculty
Debbie Murray Murray, Debbie Third Grade Teacher K-12 Faculty
Stacy Nather Nather, Stacy Literacy Services Specialist K-12 Faculty
Laren Newboles Newboles, Laren Food Service Manager Staff
Donavon Nies Nies, Donavon Maintenance Director & Industrial Arts Instructor K-12 Faculty
Amber Osner Osner, Amber Director of Admissions and Marketing Administration
Megan Oswalt Oswalt, Megan Sixth Grade Teacher K-12 Faculty
Judy Parsons Parsons, Judy Elementary Principal Administration
Susan Penner Penner, Susan First Grade Instructor K-12 Faculty
Joley Poole Poole, Joley Director of Business Operations Administration
Derrick Rhoden Rhoden, Derrick Maintenance Technician Staff
Kathryn Rich Rich, Kathryn English Instructor K-12 Faculty
Nathan Schmidt Schmidt, Nathan Food Service Assistant Staff
Desiree Sisk Sisk, Desiree Preschool Food Service Manager Preschool & Child Care
Charlotte Smith Smith, Charlotte Food Service Assistant Staff
Kristin Spicer Spicer, Kristin Fourth Grade Teacher K-12 Faculty
Kara Sullivan Sullivan, Kara Computer Instructor K-12 Faculty
Tony Urwiller Urwiller, Tony Director of Athletics & Activities, History Instructor, Asst. HS Girls Basketball Coach K-12 Faculty
Jay Walter Walter, Jay Science Instructor, Head MS Football Coach, and MS Track Coach K-12 Faculty
Elizabeth Walton Walton, Elizabeth Director of Operations Administration
Kate Weve Weve, Kate Preschool Teacher Preschool & Child Care
Rochelle White White, Rochelle Math Instructor/Scholars Bowl Coach K-12 Faculty
Katie Wilkens Wilkens, Katie Fifth Grade Teacher K-12 Faculty
Julie Willis Willis, Julie Second Grade Teacher K-12 Faculty
Glenda Yoder Yoder, Glenda Foreign Language Proctor K-12 Faculty