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Join us!

We are delighted to announce that the Stewardship Dinner this year will be completely free. This event is one of our biggest annual fundraisers, and this year's financial goal is to raise $100,000. All proceeds from the Stewardship Dinner will be utilized toward the school's operating expenses.


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Guest Speaker

Our Stewardship Dinner's guest speaker, JJ Jasper, is a veteran morning on-air radio personality, best-selling author, comedian, dedicated Christian, and devoted family man.

JJ hosts a national morning radio show on the American Family Radio network (approximately 200 stations in 36 states). When he’s not motivating listeners with his unique brand of humor and encouragement, he's entertaining people as a stand-up comedian and keynote speaker.

He is the author of Losing Cooper: Finding Hope to Grieve Well, Moses Was A Basketcase, and Jonah Had a Whale of a Time.


We are excited to share that our Stewardship Dinner on Saturday, November 20, will feature a mass CCS choir that combines all students from first through twelfth grade, making a choir of over 140 voices! Angela Huck, CCS Vocal Music Instructor, stated, "We are praying that you will be encouraged, and God will be glorified through our music!"