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MAP testing takes place at the beginning of September each year. MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is an online standardized test that we use to monitor the academic growth of students in Grades 2–10. It is given twice each year, in the fall and again in the spring.
There are four tests given to students in Grades 4–10, including a test in math, reading, language arts, and science. Grades 2–3 do not take the science test. Scores are given as a RIT, which is a number on an equal-interval scale not related to age or grade level, then as a percentile rank according to the grade level norm of other students across the nation.
The MAP tests are not graded tests and are not used to determine classroom grades. Students cannot study for a MAP test because it measures knowledge acquired throughout the school years.
Students in Grades K–2 take an online MAP reading fluency test to help determine the development of their reading skills. The MAP fluency test is given in the fall, winter, and spring.

How to help your student prepare for testing?

Encourage them to do their best.
Make sure they come to school rested and that they’ve had a good breakfast.
Please avoid scheduling appointments that may conflict with your student's testing schedule.

Spring 2024 Test Schedule