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The Future Foundation Child Care Campaign is designed to expand the preschool and child care footprint, expand our current offerings and services, and expand our staffing.

It is an ambitious $2.1 Million Dollar campaign, and we are asking for your support. 

The plans include renovating and retrofitting the historic fire station on our campus into a complete infant through six-year-old child care facility. It would include a fully-functioning activity and office space, with the addition of six new classrooms, and an infant room that would include a nursing mothers' room. We are excited that the new facility will allow CCS to provide schooling for children from six weeks old through high school graduation. 

By completing this project, Central Christian Preschool and Child Care Center will nearly double its capacity and serve as a viable solution to the ongoing child care crisis in Reno County.

Thanks to the generous support of Reno County supporters and the Kansas Accelerator Grant, the Lord has already provided over 70% towards this project in gifts and pledges. 

Would you consider partnering with the Central Christian Preschool and Child Care Center? Would you consider a one-time gift, or even a 3-year commitment to close the 30% gap that we have remaining? Your support will be an investment in the future success of children not yet born. Your support assists us towards our goal and our mission to make an eternal impact on the lives of young children. We appreciate your support for child care in Reno County.

Interested in learning more about the Future Foundation Child Care Campaign?

Click the button below to email us, or give us a call at 620-663-2174. 


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