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The FORWARD Campaign was launched on April 22, 2022.

Thank you CCS families, alumni, and donors! This goal has been met!

CCS eliminated over $464,000 worth of debt and is now 100% debt-free.


Step 1 of the classrooms completion project is on schedule to be finished in July of 2023. We still need about $50,000 to fully fund Step 1. Step 2 involves remodeling the old classrooms along the east side of the gym and is expected to cost $150,000. We are asking the Lord to provide $200,000 for these classrooms projects so that the work could be done before school resumes in August. 
We started our building expansion in 1998 which is more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, because of debt and a lack of funds to finish construction, four classrooms are still only partially finished, and an unfinished hallway cannot be used.


Step 1 of the parking lot project reached a milestone in December 2022 with the opening of 111 paved parking spaces and two paved entrances. The placement of irrigation, grass along 30th, and landscaping in the next months will complete Step 1. Steps 2 and 3 include paving the parking areas near the northwest side of the school (toward the football field) and south of the preschool.
When we launched our campaign to proceed forward in excellence, we felt it was time to pave the parking lot in order to provide a functional, parking area and attractive frontage along 30th Avenue.
We are rebranding our annual fundraising goal as the Central Fund. Why? Consistently raising funds to meet these four important needs is central to our mission: student scholarships, faculty development, facility maintenance, and the general fund.

Interested in supporting the FORWARD Campaign?